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EHDEY20 series

EHDEY20 series

EHDEY 20 series is a new generation of high end DC-DC power module featured with high reliability high efficiency , high power density and low ripple noise etc. It has industry standard 1” x 1” package and applied advanced potting technology .Offers input voltage 9-36Vdc, output voltage from 5-48V,max power 20W. It is widely used in high end applications with high reliability requirements such as radar , electronic warfare , industrial control, railway, defense and other similar applications.  

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  • ž 20W isolated output
  • ž Input voltage range:9-36Vdc
  • ž Line regulation:±0.2%
  • ž Load regulation:±0.5%
  • ž Output trimming:±10%
  • ž Output over current protection
  • ž Output short circuit protection
  • ž Input under voltage protections
  • ž Output overvoltage protection
  • ž Over temperature protection
  • ž I/O dielectric strength:1500Vdc


Model Input Voltage (V) Nominal Output (V) Max Output Current (A) Power (W) Efficiency (%) Typical Ripple Noise (mV) App Notes